You can change your DNA: New Research Revealed

Recently an article was published in TIME magazine that discussed a recent research that the choices we make can change our DNA. Go to TIME’s website for more details. However, the research revealed that Epigenome can be altered by our choices. Scientists did a study and found that some Epigenome of Grandfather was different than what his grandson has. Epigenetic’s researchers are also conducting researches on mouse.

Epigenetics brings both good news and bad. Bad news first: there’s evidence that lifestyle choices like smoking and eating too much can change the epigenetic marks atop your DNA in ways that cause the genes for obesity to express themselves too strongly and the genes for longevity to express themselves too weakly. We all know that you can truncate your own life if you smoke or overeat, but it’s becoming clear that those same bad behaviors can also predispose your kids — before they are even conceived — to disease and early death.