Refund/Return/cancellation Policy

You can ask for a full refund when:

a). You didn’t get the promised value.
b). You didn’t got the results as promised by the Zielix’s official website or partners.
c). In no question money back product, we deserve to ask just one question i.e. What improvements can we make to make our product/service better.

You can get the refund only when you either send the physical product back or cancel the service or in case of software, you terminate your key.

Refund will be issued only to the end user of the product. In case of physical products, they should be undamaged.

We track serial refunders, this type of behavior is against our terms

We work hard in quality assurance and improving our product. We provide 1 year minimum full customer satisfaction coverage and support in an order to increase user experience of our products/services.

In case of any continuity service, the end user have the right to cancel the service anytime he wishes. Although the minimum contract period is 30 days. We ask no question in cancellation of our continuity service. Although there is an option to tell us why the user cancelled the contract so that we can improve our service(s)

Wayne Harrel LLC and Zielix reserves right to terminate service in case of violating our terms after 3 official warnings. This policy is subject of change. If you are our customer, we will notify you before 30 days if the policy changes.