What is Incharger Program?

What’s Incharger™ Program is all about?


Incharger™ Program is a 12 Week intensive training program, designed specifically to boost the productivity, achieve a charged mindset and develop a character that is impossible to be aback. It is a program to improve yourself, your life style, boost your performance and productivity by several times. Its a self improvement and personal growth intensive training and action step set.It’s not about motivation, because motivation doesn’t work and people get used to get motivation from sources other than themselves and it becomes ineffective as time goes by. That’s why Incharger is designed to achieve the “Real Results in Real Time.”

Incharger mainly focuses on:

  1. How To boost your productivity by a significant amount
  2. How to achieve an unshakable mindset that helps you overcome in desperate situation
  3. How to deal with money and finances to get rid of stress and anxiety that comes from it
  4. How to boost up your physiology to a super human level
  5. How to succeed just by using the key body and mind shifts that will take place during the Incharger Training program
  6. How to get anybody do anything you want him to do for you
  7. Easy to apply sets to get the best out of your day.
  8. How to achieve high performance in less than 21 days via planning and implementing right things at right time.
  9. Much more in version 1.2

However Incharger doesn’t focus on motivation doesn’t mean it isn’t important. In fact, Incharger Program also comes with an additional audio program that does the same job in different areas of life. It also comes with sound wave therapies, the Alpha, Beta and all the weird stuff that really works as demonstrated by white coat researchers. Wayne has partnered up with some of the awesome guys who knows everything about this and created a program to help you with in addition of Incharger.

BrainCharger™. It happens sometimes that we all think that there must be a magic formula to get all the things done just like the way we want them. We think that we are not born magically lucky or maybe we can get some success magic formula thingy that works every time. Well, the bad news is that there isn’t any “magic thing.”

Good news is that there are some principals and laws, that can be applied to get closed enough results in the way we want. But its extremely difficult to know the right law to apply on right time. Many people figured out these Laws, and with experience they learned when and where to apply them, and they are successful, like Steve Jobs, he know what works, he took 3 companies to become industry leaders in minimum possible time, Apple to NextSTEP to Pixar and then again Apple when it was about to bankrupt.

It’s an INTENSIVE training program that many success, life, money coaches and all sort of gurus that charge a lot of money by tell you obvious things to do.Its only for the serious people, it’s not for the people who want to experience Incharger or just take a look at it. That’s why the Intensive weekly “BLUEPRINTS” are the most important. Blueprints are the complete training in itself. Other things are for support them. Everybody who wants to achieve the best results in minimum time without wasting more time and resources, should go through Incharger™ Intensive Program. Because once you’ve applied the training system as advised, hopefully, you won’t need anything to get yourself thrived. Nothing, not a coach, not some other training or motivation, all you will need is some action, application and of course something to measure your results. A journal will do.


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