How to Actually Get Money Fast

Many people are selling get rich quick schemes and tell you that you’ll make a fortune overnight. There are many people out there selling products about how to get money quickly by the comfort of your home.

See, here is the reality. Get rich quick schemes no longer work. Here is why:

  1. You cannot get paid good money which can make you rich for the value that you haven’t created.
  2. You cannot duplicate other people’s stuff and expect that people will buy from you.
  3. There is nothing magical technique that can make you a fortune overnight.
  4. If your product or service sucks then don’t expect that marketing will fill the gaps.

Many people believe this. so here is how to get money as fast as possible in minimum time.

  1. Learn a bit earlier than everyone else
  2. Create a massive value with an objective that you will out serve the one who is serving the most in your niche.
  3. Do NOT follow the niche that you hate working in. always do what you love to do.
  4. Create marketing campaigns and execute them properly instead of just promoting your product.
  5. Do not sell or even give away any low quality product.
  6. Narrow your niche and focus on creating and providing the maximum value that fulfills your product’s objectives way more than what your customer expects.
  7. Always give more than what you promise. At least focus on doing this.
  8. They don’t want to buy your product, they want a new and awesome experience
  9. You gotto learn how to position your product’s value properly.

So now you know how people ACTUALLY get rich. If you do what I just told you, you can too, become rich. BTW, it’s not about getting rich quick, it’s all about being happy. Are you enjoying what you’re doing? If the answer is no, then it’s time to find a reason.

People usually ignore or don’t take market research seriously and they fail. When they fail, they blame the market. The market isn’t changed, people are buying from others and not from you then it isn’t their fault. Either your product suck or you failed to position your product’s value

If you try you have a chance to succeed, if you don’t, then you DON’T!

The people who try to pursue consistently will eventually succeed. That is it, that is the magic and this is how you make money.

In my life I’ve got a privilege to work with some of the best content creators out there. They don’t focus hard on anything at all. The reason why is that they don’t expect success or failure, they just want to get their message out there. When they do this consistently and position their opinions, expertise and talent, people usually love to follow them.

What makes them different than all the other “wanna bees?

They only focus on creating a high quality content, there content is their value and that value is what they get paid for.


Take a look at our “ole Stevie”

Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs

“We just want to create the best products in the world” – Steve Jobs

Apple focuses only on their key products. They narrow their focus on creating a simple design and an exceptional user experience. They’ve got a number one brand value for what they do. Read my “lesson’s from world’s coolest cult of secrecy” on my blog. I’ve compiled everything that I’ve learned from Apple in it.

If you continuously focus on creating money, you won’t get rich. It is counter intuitive, because money doesn’t exist. Money is just a trust of value.

But if you focus on creating value, you will, hopefully get money fast.

Go and take a positive action, create value and plan your future. TODAY!

So, until we meet again, be good, get charged and live on.