Here is the Key to Super Successful Business Startups

I was reviewing one of the modules of our upcoming product which is based on making a successful startup, I got to the pin point which is the core of why some few businesses succeed and few fail. Most of the businesses fail, and the reason is simple and you’ll laugh when you see the reason. In our product we described few points why businesses fail which I can’t tell you here. However in our product I have covered all the points in details with case studies and necessary actions which can be taken to make business survive. (I’m trying that you buy the product when it’s released)

After doing research and spending months on figuring out why start-ups fail, I reach to the core point.

Here is the core point, You’ve probably heard about the role of Steve Jobs at Apple. He’s a leader who provides vision, guides the development and makes many of the key decisions.

“He didn’t really create anything but he created everything…” – John Sculley (former apple CEO) on Jobs

Jobs is a team director who selects or rejects the works of his creative partners. One source told me that Jonathan Ive once confided that he won’t be able to do the work he does without Jobs’ input. Ive maybe a creative genius but he needs Jobs’ guidance.

Jobs is one of the best “Product Picker” of silicon valley. A product picker is a key term used by Silicon Valley venture capitalists to identify the key “product person” at startup companies. A startup must succeed on its first product. It’s not always the top executive or CEOs and they may not have expertise at management or marketing: there skill is picking out the key product from the torrent of ideas.

I was reading a book which is considered as Silicon Valley’s best selling marketing bible “Crossing the Chasm” by Geoffrey Moore. In it Moore describes:

“Success or failure of a startup depends on its first product,” “…it’s a hit business. Startups must have a hit or they’ll fail. If you pick out the right product, you win big.”

Jobs is a consummate product picker. Most venture capitalists see “product pickers” as the main key person of the company and they give this the highest priority. It’s a high wire act, it’s very clear when you fail. It doesn’t work when your product is picked by a committee.

Take GM’s vice chairman as an example, he is known as “car czar” an ex Chrysler, ford and BMW executive, Bob Lutz is famous for a strings of distinctive designs-driven cars like dodge viper, plymouth prowler and BMW 2002.

Ron Garriques, a former Motorola executive is responsible for hit Razr mobile phone, he is later recruited by Michael Dell to run Dell’s consumer business and pick hit products.

At Apple, Jobs picked hit products, one after another, from 1984 Macintosh to iMac to iPod to iPhone to iPad and no wonder in future we’re gonna see some cool products from Apple. It’s a hit driven company. Why there is the rise of companies like Google, Apple and so on is because they have world’s best product pickers. At IBM they don’t have good product pickers, when Steve Jobs and

Steve Woz showed the first personal computer created by Steve Woz to IBM in late 70s, IBM executives told them that no one is gonna buy this piece of “Junk.” It’s going to fail. But the personal computer was not only a hit but it changed the world. In fact it is the greatest hit product in the history of business. Corporate thinking don’t work in this era information technology and internet.

You can take examples from any successful business, like in online information product, Frank Kern and Eben pagan are the best product pickers as well as mentors. Tony Robbins also jumped in online info product business from his money masters. Frank Kern’s MassControl™ is the coolest online marketing, list marketing product as I’ve ever seen, StomperNet is second best and it includes SEO mods too. Eben’s Altitude is another successful product, Jeff Walker’s product launch formula. Tony Robbins’ personal powers and the list goes on.

In web business, Google, Facebook, Digg and so on, all these are the hit product and perfectly timed. No wonder why people trust Google more than their family. These products are extremely simple and easy.

I hope you get the idea, but I have few more points to tell you, the success of startups is a far more wide approach rather than just having a great product. About 60% of people with hit products have succeeded. But still 40% people failed. The reason was because their sick approach. Startup is a wide concept which I’ll be covering in my product. From selecting products to marketing to other approaches.

Now listen carefully, here is where most startups messes up. People become a perfectionist when they start. I’m not saying perfectionism is bad, even I consider myself as a perfectionist.

But when you are building your shit, its important that you make it as simple as possible. In every area, from usage to design, make it extremely super simple. You get the idea?

There is no successful product built ever which is not simple in design and ease of use!

Take any example: iPods, iPhones, Macs, Successful cars and shit like that. They are all simple to use as well as simple in design. This is the key!

No wonder why Google didn’t altered its simple homepage with a logo and a search box. No extra and useless shit. Don’t burst your head, don’t stress out, just make it CLEAN.

Successful product is always clean and simple, of course expect the paintings shit like that who only rich asses buy.

Why does they work? Well because they are easy to use and a weird psychology study found that our brain don’t have to stress out in figuring out and after 1 or 2 usage we can control them even with close eyes. This is so simple that when there is an alternative available, people have difficulty in shifting to it because of the simplicity of the product they are using. This is what I called product addiction trap.

Can you shift to yahoo search than Google even if both deliver same results? Well maybe but most people can’t.

Go and make your product easy, simple and clean. Don’t stress out to complexity and if you want perfection then focus on its quality and stress your perfection in making it the best quality from all the available products in the market. Just try, we can’t play guitar like Jimi Hendrix but if we practice we can play really good.

If you have a great idea and great product inside you, you’ve probable need this product to make it work. People and angle investors love to invest in startups, I’m also an angle investor and investing in startups feels great and also gives a good return. You need to know every pinch to persona of starups from how to get an idea and how to turn it on, rather than selling PLR products or copying others. It’s a complete process and you need to build a system to succeed. Good luck.

– Wayne Harrel

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