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This 3 Part Kit Will Instantly Generate A Business Plan For Your Web-App,
And Acts As A Litmus Test That Reveals Whether Your Web-App Is Going To Be Successful
Or Sent To Oblivion
Like Most Others…


This is where 90% of SaaS entrepreneurs make mistake:

And it’s a common problem with most of the entrepreneurs I’m encountering right now, they end up investing in a BAD idea, lose a lot of money by making a web-app or SaaS app that is:

  • NOT Sellable
  • NOT Pre-Sellable
  • NOT Customizable
  • No Intense demand
  • Not Marketable immediately 
  • Poor Unique Selling Proposition

So how do we solve this problem? 


Over the past 7 years, I’ve developed web-apps, helped several clients and launched products in various niches for myself as well as clients.

I’ve also lost a ton of money making mistakes.

Needless to say it was an extremely painful process as I learned from them, figure out what worked for me and created systems around it so the processes can follow smoothly afterwards
I’ve got one for this problem as well…



SaaS Idea Validation Kit

  SaaS Validation Kit

This kit contains

==> 3 Exercises:

    •  A USP generator and report
    • A SaaS pitch generator and
    • A Monetization Strategy Generator


Combining together, they give you something concrete to test and easily validate using extremely targeted validation process that I cover in this short kit.

These 3 Exercises Are A Litmus Test That Reveals Whether Your App/Web-App Is Going To Be Successful Or Sent To Oblivion Like Most Others


Note: It is also used by tech industry’s VCs and Angel investors, where they hand out these to entrepreneurs seeking funding because they know this will give them sorta bird’s eye view to make important decision of whether they should to further research into it or not. Let’s say you came up with a really nice web-app/SaaS idea, this tool will allow you to instantly generate a business plan and validate it.


Here is why it works almost every single time

It is because how we designed it… The process that these exercises forces you to go through, results in an intense, guided and to-the-point brainstorming session that gives you the aforementioned results. You don’t have to “pre-learn” anything before you take action, you are taking action while you are using this kit already.

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