Announcement: The Marketplace

Today we are excited to announce Zielix SaaS business marketplace.

The marketplace is created to facilitate an exchange, sale and purchase of SaaS-based businesses, source codes and tools.

This will also facilitate business mergers and acquisition of existing SaaS Academy members’ (or incubator members)

=> All businesses will be verified before being listed for growth potential, current operations being smooth and revenue being stable from operations.

=> All source codes will be verified for being bug-free too.

Who is this marketplace for?

  1. If you are thinking of selling your SaaS business
  2. If you are thinking of selling your SaaS assets (like source code) to multiple buyers
  3. If you are thinking of starting a SaaS business
  4. If you are thinking of buying a source code for your SaaS business (to build a new brand from scratch or grow existing)

How to access the marketplace?

  1. You must be an incubator member or have access to the marketplace through any other SaaS programs offered by Zielix Incubator and Wayne Harrel.
  2. If you are a member of our mastermind, you’ll automatically get most of these assets for free (excluding the ones that are brands and businesses)
  3. Login and click on marketplace to access the listing

Here is what you’ll be able to purchase/sell:

  1. Source code for SaaS apps (including mobile apps with SaaS model)
  2. Tools to help you grow your SaaS business
  3. Buying an entire brand and assets of an existing SaaS business (acquisition and mergers)
  4. Much More…



Audio Announcement By Wayne: