A Pricing Guide For Startups

Discover psycho-social phenomenons to effectively price your SaaS apps and other products

An Official Zielix Incubator Guide On Pricing Your Products

This product comes with two guides, one from Wayne and other one is Lee Collins.

Don’t just take my word on how crazy smart this guy is, check out what other gurus are saying about him, I rest my case.

Product Details

Guide 1: Pricing 101 by Lee Collings

Guide 2: Psychosocial phenomenons to create a killer pricing strategy

Bonus: Tools to dynamically implement psychosocial phenomenons for radically improve conversion rates. 


After purchasing this guide, you’ll be eligible for Persuasive Promotions: A Bizarre Marketing Monthly membership which is not available to purchase from the front end.



A Pricing Guide For Startups

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